LOP 6 Howth Head

HOWTH This post was located on the green at the Summit car park close to Howth. Today nothing remains to the lookout post no.6. The position can be determined by a photography which shows the post in the early past. Locals remembered that the function of the post was latest a kiosk at the car park. The position of the lookout posts were registered in the Allied military map´s. Eire signs and  registration numbers together were signet on the ground supported the Allied aircrafts in navigation. The activities of aircrafts and ships in the northern part of the Dublin Bay were registered in logbooks by the coast watcher and can be seen today on the Irish Defence Forces web page militaryarchives.ie.


At the former site of the Lookout Post above the lawn near the Sumit car park, the concrete remains lie a few centimetres below the lawn. Under the embankment to the side of the lawn are more concrete remains of the building.