Ten years after the light-art project, the locations of the lookout posts will be filmed and photographed from the air. The focus of this documentary is on how the buildings or former places were seen from the seaside. Furthermore the documentation will show the present surrounding of the buildings. In addition the still existing EIRE signs, which helped the Allies airplanes navigating during the war, will also be documented from the air. The implementation of this dokumentation will be in 2022 and 2023.


No.40 Brandon Point


The Lookout Post is located near Brandon Point on the Dingle Peninsula. From here the view stretches across Trallee Bay to Kerry Head, and on a clear day to Loop Head. Nearby are a few barely recognisable remains of an EIRE sign. Using the preserved stone formations, the positions of the letters and the number 40 could be simulated.



No. 49  Spiddal

Only the concrete foundation on a small hill near Cnoc An Glas at Spiddal reminds of Lookout Post No.49. Today, houses and trees partially obscure the view of the sea. The associated EIRE sign can no longer be located today.


No. 51   Golam Head


Near Lettermullan towards Golam Head is the recently restored Look Out Post. The furnishings are reminiscent of the Coast watcher's use 80 years ago. Windows and door have been renewed to modern standards. A few structures of the EIRE sign, which was destroyed during a storm in 2013, are still visible 200m south of the building as the crow flies.   



No. 52   Mace Head


The lookout post is situated at the road end to Crosspatrick at Halfmaceon. A half mile northerly the EIRE sign was situated close to a strand. The sign was washed in the sea after a storm a couple of years ago. Local people rebuild the sign in smaller letters close to the original place.  


No. 53   Slyne Head

Close to the ruin of Bunowen Castle the lookout post no.53 is situated on the top of Doon Hill. In front of the lookout the number 53 is written in huge figures in the ground. The post is located on privat land. It needs the permission of the owner to enter this land. 


No. 54   Auchus Point


The lookout post was situated close to Cleggan on the hilltop of Aughrus More. Today a water tank is located on the original place were the post was. Only some concrete fragments of the tar coated roof can be found under the grass. Close to the place the EIRE sign is situated 500 Meter northerly on a rocky field.


No. 55   Renvyle Point


On the headland close to Ardnagreevagh the lookout post is situated on a cattle field. Today the building is collapsed. In hundred meters distance from the lookout post the letters from the EIRE sign can be found under the grass.


No. 56   Rossroe Head

The lookout post is situated close to Killary harbor on the Rossroe peninsular. Today the building is bordered in a stonewall and includes a transmitter station for the marine radio service. The place of the EIRE sign is unknown.


No. 57   Roonagh


The Lookout Post is located near Roonagh Pier. Today the building has fallen apart at the side but the former form of the building is still clearly recognisable from the complete concrete elements.
On the other side of the pier is the EIRE sign hidden under the tall grass. The letters can be felt under the grass, which allows a simulation of the exact position.


No. 58  Corraun


The Lookout Post is located a mile away from Corraun to the south-east on a small headland overlooking Clare Island. In the immediate vicinity of the building, the EIRE sign with the identification number 58 is also still clearly visible.